We are so glad that you have come across our webpage. Whether on purpose, or by the leading of the Holy Spirit, God has led you to the right site! Eastview Wesleyan Church exists to “lead the lost to Christ” in everything we say and do. Eastview is known as “THE SECOND CHANCE CHURCH”. God is the ultimate judge!  It’s our privilege and joy to share how everyone can be found “NOT GUILTY” in the eyes of God. True freedom and redemption can ONLY be found through Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son, who paid the price for sins of the human race. 
     Receiving God’s free gift of salvation though Jesus Christ is the ONLY way we can choose to have a relationship with God the Father (John 3:16).  If you not following Christ as your personal Savior, then right now is the most important decision that you’ll ever make. God loves YOU! He cares for YOU! He wants YOU! All YOU have to do is Confess, Ask for Forgiveness, Accept Christ as your Savior, and Repent from Sin and you are a Child of God (Romans 10:9).
     Eastview is all about lives being changed through the powerful blood of Jesus Christ that cleanse us from all sin. Eastview is a Christ-Centered church where we truly want to reach our Family Members, Co-Workers, and our Community for Jesus Christ.  God is calling you to choose Christ and do it now before it’s too late! If you choose to accept Christ as your personal Savior, please let us know so we can celebrate  with you for a lost child of God has been found!
God Bless,
Pastor Noah Farmer
Assistant Pastor
8:45A.M., 11A.M., & 6:00 P.M.



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